Is the trainer and specialist in the process industry

We are an organization that specializes in optimizing (improving) companies. We do this by developing employees.
Training and coaching provides insight. Insight into responsible participation. Participation generates motivation. Motivation leads to improvement. We have a unique formula to implement this improvement.
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offers operator training on
3 different levels

for the production and conversion of corrugated board:

Assistant operator:

can monitor and control simple processes installations


can start up and monitor more complex process installations

All-round operator:

able to operate and monitor multiple installations


also provides training for middle management and internal trainers.

This is one of the first steps in the implementation of methodical working and learning.
Holding board discussions and following up on the results, among other things, provides a functional structure.

By listening to employees and giving them confidence, you motivate the most powerful engine of your company...


uses the methodical learning principle for optimal results.This means that employees are given transparent goals in the areas of knowledge, skills and behavior. To achieve the goals, they are coached by internal trainers and each other. All results achieved are recorded in a personal portfolio.
By using dynamic goals, employees will grow in their work. Regardless of whether they work in the office or as an Operator. Methodical learning ensures company-specific and personal growth in which all employees learn through... 1 on 1 coaching to develop colleagues into full-fledged discussion partners.Learning organizations are more successfulExceed you uses a method to develop and safeguard knowledge-skills-behavior in organizations.

The method fits 100% within the framework of the Learning Organization and allows it to grow from within.

Learning organizations are more flexible and more involved with their employees and therefore perform more sustainably, effectively and efficiently.

The concept consists of continuous growth and improvement of:

1. Job satisfaction, motivation andthus the fulfillment of the function

2. The behavioral competencies of the employees,such as collaboration, communicationand leadership

3. The quality, safety and productivity during work

By implementing and supporting methodical learning as an organization, the company remains healthy and dynamic

The places where the knowledge-skills-behavior combinations are actually safeguarded are the own working environments of the employees and managers. The learning concept used for this is 'Learning in the Flow of Work' and create a learning organization.


My name is Eddie van de Steeg
owner and founder of EXCEED YOU!
I worked for AKZO NOBEL Pharma division for Diosynth and Organon for 12 years.
During this time I have held several positions, including Chief Operator and where I was operationally responsible for managing the teams within the Oestradiol department.

However, I worked for the longest time in the Research & Development department, where I developed new raw materials for medicines from laboratory to factory scale.

Since 2000, I have worked as a Team Manager of a Corrugated Cardboard Factory or the Production Department and the Processing Department. In 2006 I started as a trainer, coach and consultant at a foundation that provided training in the Paper and (Corrugated) Cardboard industry.

Since 2016 I have been working as an independent trainer in the same industries.

I studied Paper Science Technology, NIMA B (Sales and marketing), Comprehensive management and Senior management. In recent years I have increasingly specialized and developed myself in methodical learning,

is an organization that optimizes its production-oriented customers.
Coming from the (Golf) cardboard industry and having learned from
the years at AKZO Nobel, where founder and owner Eddie van de Steeg
has been "raised", makes EXCEED YOU! using the most powerful tool an organization has: the people who work there.
Structures such as LEAN Six Sigma and WCM depend on the people who have to work with them. Together with PTC online, EXCEED YOU!
developed a system that listens to the people on the work floor, both men and women. The big advantage is that by listening to the people and using their input, growth takes place in the organization, which is also very motivating for the people. According to the structures of LEAN; use the 8th waste and that is a waste of Human Talent.
Through a technical view and a process-technical approach
EXCEED YOU! uncovering waste and solving it with the help of our own employees. Developing and training employees is therefore central. Under certain conditions, this development can lead to obtaining an MBO diploma, which also makes the organization socially responsible.

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