the development of an organization starts with the growth of the individual

is the trainer and specialist in the Corrugated industry

Also after the Corona crisis, the employees in paper and corrugated industry continue to work and learn for you!

We give improvement workshops for technical managers in the industry. So they can be of better support for the operators.

EXCEED YOU ! offers Operator training on
3 different levels
for the Corrugated and Converting department:

– Assistant Operator (Basic)
level 1
– Operator (proces and mechanical)
level 2
– Allround Operator (senior)
level 3

In collaboration with ROC Aventus and Litop, these courses can be converted into a nationally recognized diploma:
– Basic Operator
– Proces Operator
– Allround Operator

By developing the operators they became more involved with the proces. They can than give beter feedback on the wast in the proces chain. With that knowliged they know the best way of preventing this wast!

EXCEED YOU ! also provides training for middle management and internal trainers “train the trainer” concept.

This is one of the first steps in the implementation of methodical working and learning.
Holding board discussions and following up on the results gives a functional structure to this.

By listening to employees and giving them confidence, you motivate the most powerful engine of your company…


Trainer and specialist in the Corrugated industry - Forest-based industry

My name is Eddie van de Steeg owner and founder off EXCEED YOU !

I worked for 12 years for AKZO NOBEL Pharma division at Diosynth and Organon. In this time I have held several positions including Chief Operator where I was operationally responsible for the management of the teams within the Oestradiol department.

For the longest time, however, I worked in the Research & Development department, developing new raw materials for medicines from laboratory to factory scale.

Since 2000 I have been working as a Team Manager of a Corrugated Factory in the Production department (corrugator) and the converting department. In 2006 I started as a trainer, coach and consultant at a Foundation that provided training in the Paper and corrugator industry.

Since 2016 I have been working as an independent trainer in the same industries. I studied Paper Science Technology, sales and marketing (NIMA B), Comprehensive management and Senior management. In recent years I have increasingly specialized and developed in methodical learning, of which 2BImproved is an example.

is an organization that optimizes its production-oriented customers. Coming from the (Corrugated) cardboard industry and having learned from the years at AKZO Nobel, where founder and owner Eddie van de Steeg is “brought up”, makes EXCEED YOU ! using the most powerful tool an organization has: the people who work there.

Structures such as LEAN Six sigma and WCM stand and fall with the people who have to work with them. Together with PTC online, EXCEED YOU ! developed a system that listens to the people in the workplace, both men and women. The big advantage is that by listening to the people and using their input, there is a growth in the organization, which is also very motivating for the people. According to the structures of LEAN; using the 8th waste and that is a waste of Human Talent.

Knows through a technical view and a process-technical approach EXCEED YOU ! to bring waste to light and to solve it with the help of our own employees. The development and training of employees is there for crucial. This development can therefore, under certain conditions, lead to obtaining an diploma, which means that the organization also undertakes Socially Responsible Business.

Wondering if this is possible at your organization? Ask fore an offer and be surprised.


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